I am not an expert on Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) but I was diagnosed with it in 1980.  That was near the start of my medical training (yes I am getting old).  Despite the obvious interest I did not become a nephrologist, rather a GP in a small UK town.  From there I moved to teaching medical students, which is really quite fun.  I don’t practice any longer, for all sorts of reasons, but not reading and keeping up to date would be as impossible as not eating chocolate.

Blogging was initially an outlet for my adventures in Bermuda (pinkbikepinksand.wordpress.com) but I won’t be living in Bermuda forever and so my thoughts turned to what else can I do?  For now, roughlykidneyshaped.wordpress.com is that answer.

I could and probably should write a long technical disclaimer – I may be a doctor but this is not clinical advice / please consult your own clinicians / I am not an academic scientist / I have not read all there is to read on any topic covered / there are probably many things I either don’t know or understand etc. – I am sure there are plenty of legal ways to express all that, but I like things to be simple – if you have a comment on anything please email me.

For the basics on PKD you will need to consult some of the links on the right hand side.  I apologise for technical jargon where it occurs – although I try to keep it simple it may be that you need to read some of the posts with a dictionary to hand. Trust me, I have to read the research papers with a whole stack of text books, not just for resting my coffee.

The topics will be random, sometimes it takes a while to track down my thoughts, let alone the papers and studies to explain them.

Everything is published under a creative commons licence to share and share-alike as long as it is not for profit and as long as you reference me/the blog as your source. Thank you.



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